Prince of Persia TRILOGY HD

Publisher: Ubisoft

Being a fan of the Sands of Time trilogy (the first two games anyway) I was excited when I heard Ubisoft was going to launch an enhanced compilation, in theory the games would be the same as their PS2 counterparts, with their resolution bumped to 720p and added trophies while still being sold at a budget price, sounds like an awesome deal, right?

Well... it wasn't, I sold my PS2 copies to buy this collection and let me tell you right now, if you're thinking of doing this, DON'T DO IT MAN!

See, what Ubisoft forgot to tell you is that these ports were poorly made, all three games suffer from various bugs and glitches, some of them minor like swords on the ground disappearing, others severe, like the screen going black or the framerate inexplicably dropping and others game breaking like a certain key, not opening a certain door forcing you to restart the game from the very beginning.

Oh but that's not all, the sound in all three games is completely messed up, for starters it suffers from reverberation, making it sound like all of the dialog was recorded in a bathroom and it's volume varies wildly depending on the angle of the game's camera, sometimes you can barely hear the characters talk while other times it's way too loud.

And as a final slap in the face, they removed the remake of the Original Ms-Dos Prince of Persia found in Sands of Time just so they could sell it to you through the Playstation Store.

There's no doubt in my mind that this was a quick and rushed cash-in, made worse by the fact Ubisoft, to this date, has not issued an update to fix these problems.

- Two great games and one decent game at a reduced price

- Bugs, glitches, slowdowns, framerate issues
- Prince of Persia remake was removed
- Hey! How come the door didn't open? Oh great, now I have to restart the game from the very beginning

Final Score: C-

There is nothing impressive or noteworthy about the game's packaging either, you'd think the fact that there's three games would mean the manual would contain all sorts of info, but in reality it's only 16 pages long counting the legal info and the blank pages.

At least it does give you a small description of each game's basic plot and major characters, but that's about it.

Packaging Score: C


  1. Anonymous1.10.12

    Big disappointment indeed. The game doesn't even deserve to be on Playstation3.

  2. Well that is no good.

  3. Aw, man. I kept eyeing this up, thinking "Well, otherwise I have to pull out my PS2", but if it's as bad as all that, I think I'll just put the effort in and get the old console out.

  4. I was thinking of buying this so I can play it on widescreen. Glad I read this article first. Thanks for the heads up!