Top 30 Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Games Ever Made! (Part 2)

As part of the channel's celebration of the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis' 30th Anniversary, I'm now posting the final part in my top 30 BEST Sega Genesis or Mega Drive games ever made!

Top 30 Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games (Part 1)

This week we celebrate the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive's 30th anniversary, so come join me in the celebrations as I countdown the top 30 Mega Drive games, one for each year the console has been out.

How the Wonderboy series was changed in Brazil

Today I thought I'd take a look at the Master System and Genesis version of the Wonderboy series and discuss how and why the games were changed in Brazil. I've seen youtubers mentioning the changes but I've never seen anyone go in depth as to why these games were changed.

So I thought it'd make for an interesting topic:

Brave Battle Saga - A Brand New Sega Genesis / Mega Drive JRPG in 2018

Brave Battle Saga is a JRPG launched in 2018 for the Sega Genesis / Megadrive. The game, originally launched as bootleg in Taiwan back in 1996, but Piko Interactive bought the rights to the game, translated it to English and is now selling it on physical format.

Despite being developed in Taiwan, the game was heavily inspired by the likes of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 6 and Breath of Fire 2.


The best D&D Game you never played

This week I reviewed Dungeons & Dragons Birthright Gorgon's Alliance for Ms-Dos, or as I like to call it, the best D&D game you never played it. This game mixes grand strategy with tactical turn-based strategy and First-Person RPG.


The Most offensive 8-bit game ever made: Paradise Café

Paradise Cafe is a ZX Spectrum legend in my country. Developed by an unknown studio in Portugal, the game was never officially launched, but quickly became its own phenomenon here.

The game was highly offensive featuring violence, drug use, sex scenes and even some heavier content, it was a highly pirated title which was distributed between kids during playgrounds and has now achieved a cult-status within Portuguese pop-culture.

Today, I decide to review Paradise Café and discuss its impact and influence in my country.


Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 Review

Yes, that's right! 30 years later, we finally receive a sequel to Alex Kidd in Miracle World! The game even launched in a physical format for the Master system. So today I take a look at the new Alex Kidd game and see if it's worth playing.