Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 Review (PS2)

In today's video I review Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2 for the PS2. This Playstation 2 game, is the sequel to the popular Soul Reaver for the Ps1.

I have to be honest though, as much as I loved the first game back in the day, I do feel Soul Reaver 2 is something of a disappointment.

In this Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2 review, I take a look at the game's graphics, different languages, gameplay and more.


Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Interview

An interview with the lead developer behind Capcom's Dungeons and Dragons Mystara series, discussing content removed from the final release, including female shadow elves.

Battle Arena Toshinden Review (Nintendo Game Boy)

Battle Arena Toshinden is a fighting game launched for the original Nintendo Game Boy in 1996 and I firmly believe this is the best fighting game on the console.

I am honestly baffled by how good this game is and yet it still remains a Hidden Gem in the Game Boy library.


How Dragon Ball Z Saved and Destroyed the Sega Saturn

In today's video, I tell the story of the Sega Saturn's success in my home country of Portugal. The Saturn was poised to win the console war here, selling on part with the PS1 and vastly outselling the Nintendo 64. However, the Saturn's success was entirely reliant on Dragon Ball Z.

In the end, the Saturn was both saved and destroyed... by Dragon Ball.´

Check out the video here:

The Mansion of Hidden Souls Review (Sega Saturn)

The Mansion of Hidden Souls for the Sega Saturn is a sequel to Mansion of Hidden Souls for the Sega CD. Yes, despite both games sharing the same name, this is not a remake, but is instead a sequel.

The game is a Visual Novel / FMV adventure and a pretty obscure title for the Sega Saturn. In this Mansion of Hidden Souls Review, we'll be taking a look at how well the game has aged and discover if this is a hidden gem for the Sega Saturn or see if this game is best left forgotten.


A developer interview with Kenji Katoaka the Director behind Capcom's Dungeons and Dragons arcade Beat'em ups

This is a three-part series of developer interviews which are bonus features in the Japanese release of Capcom's Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara for the PS3. The first developer Interview is of Kenji Kataoka, acting director of Dungeons and dragons - Chronicles of Mystara. I had noticed that there were no translations of these interviews and thankfully, a fan of the channel offered to translate them. So far, the fan wished to remain anonymous, should that change I'll be sure to add his name here. In these interviews, the developers discuss the development process for both Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom as well as Shadow over Mystara.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Review (PS1 & Dreamcast)

Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver is the sequel to Silicon Knights' Blood Omen: The Legacy of Kain. The game was launched following a legal battle between Silicon Knights and Crystal Dynamics in which courts granted the latter legal ownership of the franchise.

In this review, I take a look at both the PS1 and Dreamcast versions of the game.